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        Monocrystalline solar Modules
        Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Modules
        Mini-solar panel
        Semi Flexible Solar Panel
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        Mini Solar Panel

        Check Specfication Here mini solar panel spec.pdf



        It is a traditional type small solar panel called epoxy resin encapsulated solar panel, which is sticked together

        by epoxy resin glue at a temperature 50~60 degree, you will see the epoxy resin coated panel have three layers,

        1. Epoxy Resin AB Glue

        2. Solar Cells

        3. PCB Board



        1.High efficiency monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar cells.

        2.Epoxy or PET laminate.

        3.Suitable for both lithium battery and Ni-MH battery connectivity

        4.Ideal for mobile phone,mobile phone chargers, small power consumption electronics and electronic gifts.

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