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        Monocrystalline solar Modules
        Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Modules
        Mini-solar panel
        Semi Flexible Solar Panel
        Portable Folding Solar Kits
        Solar pump
        Solar power system
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        Monocrystalline solar Modules

        Check Specification Here 2016 solar module 1.pdf

        1、With  high light transmittance of toughened glass and high strength aluminum alloy frame. Ensure high strength and meet the bad weather use;
        2All the components packages are high-performance materials, greatly increasing component life;
        3Module design is capable of taking 5400pa pressure;
        46V/18V/24V DC steady output, which may be set according to customers’ need;
        5Outstanding weak light effect guarantees the good performance of modules;
        625 years of stable quality guaranty;
        7guaranteed +/ -3% power output tolerance.

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