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        Monocrystalline solar Modules
        Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Modules
        Mini-solar panel
        Semi Flexible Solar Panel
        Portable Folding Solar Kits
        Solar pump
        Solar power system
        Related accessories
        Product warranty
        Installation Guide

        ABOUT US

            Yuhuan Solar Energy Source Co.,Ltd.founded in 2001,is committed to researching and producing green energy.It is an emerging environmental protectiong based scientific research,product development and sale enterprises.

            Our company attaches great importance to technological innovation and scientific management,we have passed ISO9000,Certificate of Quality Management.Aiso,our products have got CE,ROHS certificates.

            Products are mainly exported to Japan,South Korea,Europe and the United States and South-east Asian other countries.High quality of raw-material and advanced production technology ensure best product quality and long use life,And Our company has became appointed great supplier of several corporations.The products are used in wide range of applications including industry,agriculture,military,public area,civilian needs,etc.the products can make the customers satisfied for the designs.Meanwhile,our company adhere to "Quality First,Customer First".Expecting establish favorable,stable collaborate with clients.

            We have attend The US anti-dumping investigations AD/CVD numbers and current rates: AD: A-570-979-072 deposit is 13.18% CVD: C-570-980-000 deposit is 15.24% Welcome you to visit our company.

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